Having the experience of more than a decade of full-time private lesson teaching, Ian has developed a comprehensive approach to saxophone and music instruction.  It is an approach that breaks down saxophone playing into a series of specific musical and instrumental skills to be mastered.  A student will gain competence in ear training, note and rhythm reading, harmony and other music theory.  He/she will develop appropriate finger technique, articulation, and above all else, learn the essentials of beautiful tone production.

With these skills come the confidence to explore any genre of music.  During their studies with Ian, most saxophone students become immersed in jazz and improvisation, as well as music in the classical style.  All students, however, are encouraged to discover their own unique musical voices, and may venture into any genre that provides creative inspiration.

Currently, Ian teaches in the northwestern suburbs of Boston at his studio in Bedford, as well as the nearby towns of Belmont and Wayland.  Students come from these and other communities, including Arlington, Lexington, Concord, and Carlisle. The age range is typically from those in late elementary school to high school seniors, with occasional college and adult students.

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